AGBU YP Giving

YP Athens has joined the YP Network in making it a priority to invest in Armenia, Syria, and locally by fundraising for initiatives which need our greatest attention and assistance. Since inception, the YP Network has donated over $568,000 to important initiatives with the majority of funds allocated to Armenia. Recent beneficiaries of giving efforts include, the AGBU YP Endowment Fund for the Children’s Centers which is valued over $179,000, the AGBU Humanitarian Emergency Relief Fund in support of Syrian Armenians, the American University of Armenia, the AGBU New York Summer Intern ProgramAGBU Generation Next Mentorship Program, and the Pan-YP Greenhouse Project.

Pan-YP Greenhouse Project for Armenia

After meeting with success on its first pan-YP project in Khachik, Armenia, the YP Network flexed its global muscle for a second time in 2013 and launched a brand new project to build greenhouses on the fertile, yet disenfranchised land of Barekamavan. Located treacherously close to the Azeri border in the Tavush province of Armenia, Barekamavan is home to 400 at-risk villagers with limited to no income-generating opportunities.

Thanks to the goodwill of YP Athens and the entire YP Network, two greenhouses were constructed in Barekamavan to promote economic self-sufficiency and sustainability, and help ensure the survival and sovereignty of Armenia’s borders. For more information on the project and a list of participating YP Groups and YP Partners, visit